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Posted on 2006.12.18 at 19:55
I'm so jealous everyone has a bf but me. UGH.

I need a MAN in my life not some boy. I have no room for little crushes a la Tyler, I need deep, loving man. DEEP. hahaha

Oh my grades. UHm let's just say I FEARRRRRRRRRRR my math grade.

Posted on 2006.12.01 at 00:52
Did anyone else get asked if college was everything everyone was hyping it up to be?

I did and I think it's not. Slightly overrated in my opinion because as much as I have fun here, the work is killerrrr.

The work load destroys the fun.

Finals. I'm a stict study schedule until finals, speaking of which I should get started on today's assignment, what else? A and P.

My friend Ashley and I are trying to move in with each other, and so far it's been a bigger pain in my ass than what we both expected it to be. First off, my room mate Seyi agreed perfectly fine, no problems. Then Ash's roomate is a psycho about it and was taking so damn long. Today she agreed so I went to the office to go sign out room replacement papers and found out we needed her to be there to fill one out. So I asked her but she wanted to talk to Seyi first. Okay, that's fine, they had there little talk. Finds out that Seyi wants to have a meeting with all four of us. Which was initially okay. Then I made my friend AJ go into my room and spy. I got him to tell me a couple things, but he didn't say a lot because he wanted them to talk to us.

The main thing he told me was that Jess didn't really want to move because she had all her stuff there. BUt the thing I don't understand is that we're all doing this logically but she refuses to see the logic.

She doesn't like living with one of her suitemates, and the suitemate's friend is moving in next semester. She constantly complains about her and so we figured why not ask her to move in with Seyi.

Now she's reluctant to move because of the fact that she has 'too many things' to move. I'm not asking you to move all the way across the hall. We're literally a door away on the same side. Wtf?

Whatever. It makes me mad.

Posted on 2006.11.18 at 02:34
I was going to go on AIM but then I realized I don't have AIM on this computer...I'm too lazy to download it and my dad's going to delete it anyway.

I fuck myself over when it comes to Anatomy over and over again, it's like driving a car over a nail repeatedly when you know it's going to fuck the rest of your day up with a flat tire.

I can say one thing though, I had the best by far night this week, in the middle of my 'studying' for anatomy. It was just Ash, me, Doug, CJ and Paul in Doug/Paul's room and the game God of War. So much fun. All we did was sit around and watch and hear Doug freak out about the game, Paul mimicking him, and it all concludes with us FINALLY rescuing the Oracle only to have it FREEZE!

I think I should get paid for watching boys play strategy games bc they could not have gotten past three levels without me.
'Why don't you pull the sword out again to turn the floor.'
'Shoot the guy with lightning and he'll fall over onto the lever.'
'They're coming out of the wall you have to pull out the statues to block it.'
'Push the column off the edge ontop and then push towards them.'
..And all of it worked. w00t!

If a boy touches your face a lot does that mean anything?

...lol just curious!

Posted on 2006.09.30 at 19:14
What the fuck...two lecture tests in the sameeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk?????????????????